The ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC) on Tuesday failed to adopt President Muhammadu Buhari as its 2019 presidential candidate.

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This was disclosed by the party’s spokesman, Bolaji Abdullahi.

Though Abdullahi tried play down the bad outing for the president, saying the gathering, however, passed a vote on confidence on Buhari while the APC party chairman, John Oyegun, got an unanimous vote of confidence.

“The motion that was put was after the Minister of Agriculture had briefed the NEC about the activities and achievements of his ministry, one of the NEC members said we should move a motion passing a vote of confidence on Mr. President.

“There was no formal motion moved on the issue of second term for Mr. President.

“Somebody in the crowd shouted that we should move a motion and we don’t even know that member.

“But the motion that was formally moved was that NEC should pass a vote of confidence on Mr. President and that was after the brief given by the Minister of Agriculture, especially when he said that by 2018, Nigeria will have no need to import a single grain of rice.

“That is the context and I need you to understand that very well”, he disclosed.