I am glad to welcome you to loudwhispers blog. You might be wondering if this is just another blog on some other issue which just comes up to take your time, but that is exactly the subject of this brief introduction to this blog… like I said it is going to be brief.

Ever wondered if there is more to the news than the news says?… Is there something that the media isn’t telling us? Why is there so much censoring and what is it that they do not want us to hear? Well, if you’ve ever asked such questions, you are right. There is so much more than the news is saying. Questions like why the first atomic bombs were dropped in Japan and not in Italy or even the greatest of the WW2 antagonists; Germany? Why are there more research facilities for tropical illnesses in temperate regions than in the tropical areas?

Don’t think its just about global issues. This blog would also focus squarely on contemporary matters which affect the global south (most especially Africa). Well, I promised to be brief and I would. Stay tuned to this blog to find out about these and more. I remain your host… M.E