The United States of America, USA, has signed a Power Purchase Agreement, PPA to supply power to Nigeria, Cote D’Ivoire and South Africa, thus changing its status as a major energy importer to exporter.

This was disclosed by Rick Perry, United States Energy Secretary, at the ongoing Africa Oil Week conference in South Africa said the plan is targeted at enhancing development in the continent.

According to Rick, the United States has reversed its policy of serving as energy importer to become a major exporter to Africa.

A source in attendance who preferred not to be named quoted him as stating: “We talked about a lot of opportunities – LNG, coal, but it all goes to the issue of power and power being able to be delivered into places that don’t take electricity for granted.”
Perry stated further: “The United States wants to be partners with Nigeria, South Africa and throughout the continent.
“American LNG is going out to the world. Projects by Anadarko Petroleum Corp. and Exxon to convert gas discoveries in Mozambique to LNG are welcome even as the U.S. seeks to boost its own shipments, according to Perry.”
Investigations showed that Nigeria is currently the 60th largest goods trading partner with United States at $5.3 billion in total (two-way) during 2015.