Following the millennium trend of unfaithfulness between spouses, most people have resorted to not trusting their partners.

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The truth be said, there are still faithful spouses and the a cheating man, just like a clumsy rhino, will always leave a long trail of evidence — from cheap perfume, lipstick marks on shirts, love bites and scratches to lodging receipts in his trouser pockets.

Ladies, if you suspect your husband has a ‘side chick’, here is how to tell.

  • Fresh Freddy: A normally sweaty hubby suddenly comes home looking and smelling fresh. Problem, he smells of a soap brand that is not used at home!
  • The midnight shower: He acts out of character, rushing to the shower at midnight which he ordinarily avoids. If he loves his tipple, he suddenly starts sneaking in at midnight, sober as a beer bottle that has not been opened!
  • Bank statements: There will always be financial inconsistencies because cheating is more costly than losing money in a MMM. All those expenses, including trips , hotel bills or purchasing IPhone 8 phones that are not gifted to any family member can be traced by the in-house FBI through banking records.
  • Sudden makeover: Men don’t just change their style for no reason, or decide to suddenly hit the gym or health club, unless a doctor reads them the riot act. The ‘side chick’, during a steamy session, might have whispered: “You would be more attractive…if only you got rid of this belly!”
  • CD collection: The man might have been listening to Tu-Face, Nice etc CDs all along, then suddenly he becomes a rock fan, listening to ColdPlay, Dire Straits and Avril Lavigne and has changed the way he dresses, walks and talks. He could be dating a pre-college bimbo!
  • Sporadic ‘Cold War’: Some will resort to feigning illnesses, pleading depression, stress or exhibiting ‘silent fury’ to dampen any romantic ideas that their wives might have. They might even start non-existent quarrels and go into violent fits of rage.
  • The guilty are afraid: He exhibits uncharacteristic goodness, bearing gifts at midnight, suggesting next day outings for a ‘loose mbuzi thing’ at Ole Polos and issuing warm hugs and kisses. That could mean he was up to no good, especially if he’s a genetically distant tight wad!

To be continued!